Accepting Smart Contract Rollouts

As the CTO of a trade association coordinating the exchange of smart contracts across many independent companies I want to be able to roll out new versions of smart contract applications in a controlled way.

Traditional Application
Smart Contract Applications
This example shows how a consortium of companies (A, B and C) will only be able to share transactions if all companies support the smart contract version used in the transaction. On the right hand side C does not support v3.0 causing failure.
On the left C can only accept v2.0 so A creates a v2.0 transaction which is accepted by C. On the right C has upgraded meaning that A can now safely start creating v3.0 transactions involving B and C.
On the left A broadcasts to B and C that it accepts v3.0. On the right A inquires whether B and C support v3.0, B does C does not.



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